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Welcome to the Creative Cookery, my name is Petra Jungmanova and I'm passionate about creating healthy tasty food which is also free of gluten and vegan. Creative Cookery is a boutique ethical business which sources premium quality ingredients from carefully selected local and regional producers who pour their hearts and souls into their work. It's a great privilege to be able to see where and how the food is grown and made but also the friendship and community support which is close to my heart. I love working with my clients, learning more about their special day, background and creating the unique menu with that something different. It's the diversity of my work I love so much, from beautiful gluten free tummy friendly birthday cake to corporate event, every piece is lovingly crafted and presented with a style. Being an artist, the presentation of each dish as well as the whole experience, the aesthetics and beautiful table styling is paramount. Growing up in my grandmother's garden near Prague, foraging for food and using seasonal even medicinal products as well as later in my life working with heroes of fine food in Australia like Tony Papas ( Boathouse, Allpress  espresso ) and Michael Klausen ( Brasserie bread)  has been most inspiring experience to create an authentic nourishing excellent food. My favourite products at the moment are Pepe Saya cultured butter and all the seasonal citrus and oriental food.  I've been privileged to work recently with Embassy  of the Czech Republic and cooking a dinner for White Ribbon at Vice Chief of the Defence Force Australia's residence.  Visit our website to see what's new! Petra



I'm often asked where I got my passion for cooking. My answer is simple, it has always been with me - coming from the Czech Republic we not only grew all our food – vegetables, fruits and nuts, but also devoted time to cook healthy nourishing meals for the family. Cooking has also helped me through the challenges I have faced in my life – by following the principle I developed when I was learning English, mastering one dish at a time.

I grew up just outside Prague and would spend lots of time with my grandmothers, two incredible, generous and caring women who were constantly cooking the most amazing yummy food from their gardens. One of my grandmothers lived in a gorgeous 1920's Gypsy villa where my younger sister and I would enter through the bathroom window instead of the front door. We would collect wildflowers for local schools and wait expectedly for the weekly mobile bus shop, with salami hanging from the roof and milk in little plastic bags. Our chores involved helping in the garden and preparing the annual syrups (the smell and taste of the elder flowers still lingers with me), preserves, tonnes of gherkins and even chopping wood! It's only now that I see this as an incredible school and education in its own beautiful humble form.

My son and I now grow our own food and he has his chores, the only difference being that he's not getting lost with gypsy kids for half of a day (where I learned about  their incredible food culture as well) and not chopping wood, yet ! So I can truly say cooking good food and sharing it with my loved ones and friends has been part of my life since childhood, much to the astonishment of my mother who never baked a single cake in her life!

As I grew and went two study nursing and leaves pottery and photography in the most picturesque and magical city in Czech, Cesky Krumlov, this passion and need to share it stayed with me. I lived in an old convent under the castle with my gypsy friends as neighbours again and cooked many dinners for their kids, as well as catering for my student friends - still foraging for fresh produce. During this time I also explored regional Europe absorbing the natural tastes and flavors each area Offered into my cooking menus.

This seemingly idyllic life was interrupted when I decided two join someone in Sydney eventhough I had little knowledge of Australia or English. Given my food background I was fortunate to be comfortable two get work alongside now leading figures in the industry as they started building their empires - like Tony Pappas of Allpress and Boathouse who has now expanded to London, and Michael Klausen from Brasserie Bread. I also learned about fine dining from my time at Grappa in Leichhardt. Not only did this expose me to the incredible flavours and varieties of the natural Australian foods I now grow and continue two integrate into my products, it also allowed me to develop a unique way of accelerating my English language skills. I would translate local menus, recipes and food articles back into Czech and then practice making meals for friends who were fascinated by the numerous at English / Czech post-its throughout the house. This practice gave me a great insight into Australian culture, something I now hold dear.

As my time in Sydney drew to a close I moved two Canberra two study further at the University of Canberra. During this time I continued to work in hospitality and my beloved son was born with a problem about there was then, and still is, limited knowledge and support. As a single mum I had two make serious choices and one of them at Involved food - so this is when the holistic aspect of food became a priority. I've been very passionate and absolutely determined to provide him with the best food and we have also adopted gluten free diet. This required me to experiment and convert lots of traditional foods - something I really enjoyed. This was made Easier by the fact I had my own small café in Manuka where I baked all my goods, testing the results on my clients!

As the responses were always positive I thought that one day when the timing was right I would start my own wholesale catering business. Fortunately the path I chose with my son allowed him two develop into an extraordinary happy, caring and talented child without any ongoing health issues. So in August 2014, Creative Cookery by Petra was born. In setting up this business I wanted to continue promoting not only healthy food that is visually stunning with a 'wow' factor input, but also make people aware of the quality of food when they eat out. I also wanted to operate the business in an ethical way that follows my key life principles of integrity, honesty and helping others. I am selective in where I place my products and have built-up a local and regional base of like-minded clients. I am passionate about putting also something back into the community as my business grows equally flexible and meaningful employment opportunities for single mothers.

Welcome to the World of Creative Cookery by Petra